Here are some names taken from the Gloucester Census
with the spelling as found in the census
and the correct spelling
Arseno-Arsenault Belivo-Beliveau Babino-Babineau Teriot-Theriault Tibado-Thibodeau
LeBlong-LeBlanc Govang-Gauvin Gotro-Gotreau Bushwah-Bourgeois Leshare, Leshear, Ledger-
The given names seem to be worst
Auryet-Henriette Fraunseways- Francoise Osiet,Oziet- Osithe Fiedell-Fidele Zhuel-Jules
Twanet-Antoinette Gregware-Gregoire Maudess-Modeste Eushan-Eugene Norry-Honore
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Ray Roux

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