Descendants of Ignace Comeau and Marguerite Lejeune

(Some of the basic information was sent) by Mike Roarty (the rest was researched and entered by me)
Here is what I have for Thomas Comeau. His father is Ignace Comeau and mother Marguerite Lejeune. Although in either case I do not have positive identification of the parents (have not seen physical documents). Anything you can add to the picture would be greatly appreciated!

Ignace Comeau born 1805, married Marguerite Lejeune born 1810 -

Their children:
(1) Aimé Comeau who married Pamela Otet (Atot)
(a) Edouard born May 1, 1868
(b) Lucille born Dec. 14, 1869


(2) Damien Comeau born April 24, 1831 -
I have found a Damien Comeau who was married to Monique Boudreau but parents are not listed so can not prove yet that it is the same one. I have a list of their children also.

(3) Rose Comeau born Jan. 6, 1833 -

(4) Joseph Comeau born Oct. 3, 1834 -

(4) Dominique Comeau born Nov. 6, 1836 -

(5) Thomas A. Comeau born 1842 who married Elizabeth Derenne (born 1851) in Petit Rocher, N.B. on Oct. 22, 1867
(a) Joseph Alphonse, born Aug. 15, 1877
(b) Marie Georgina, born July 31, 1875
(c) Monique, May 16, 1873
(d) Jean Marie, of Belledune, born Oct. 20, 1870, married Agnes Boudreau daughter of Ferdinand and Rose Lejeune on July 25,1889, in Petit Rocher. He married Lorette Paulin, at Petit Rocher Oct. 24, 1927 she was the daughter of Auguste Paulin and Adeline Chiasson and the widow of Jean Frenette.
(f) Michel, born Sept. 1879

(6) Isidore Theordore Comeau born June 8, 1850 who married Elizabeth Roy in Petit Rocher on May 13, 1873
(a) Angelina, born June 14, 1879
(b) Marie Anne, born July 31, 1874


Here is what I have for Elizabeth Derenne (Doran?) - parents Jacques Derenne and Elisabeth Daigle (Doyle?).

Descendants of Jacques Derenne
Jacques Derenne married Élisabeth Daigle

Their Children
Elizabeth Derenne born 1851 - Married Thomas A. Comeau born 1842 -

In the 1871 Canada Census for Gloucester County I find, Parish of Beresford.

(ill. meaning illiterate) and all these Commow families live next door to one another

Commow (Comeau) Emeas (Ignace) aged 62, born in Quebec, Roman Catholic, farmer, French, Ill.(?)
his wife: Margaret aged 64, born NB, Roman Catholic, French, ill.

Children all born in NB:
Isidore aged 21 (farmer)
Mary 25, ill.

Commow Emay (Aime) aged 29, NB, RC., French, labourer, ill.
his wife Mary, aged 24, born Quebec, French, ill.
Children born NB
Edward aged 2
Mary aged 1

Commow Damien, aged 40, NB., RC., French, farmer,ill.
wife Monick, aged 35, NB., RC., French, ill.
Usta aged 14
Mary, 12
Philemon, 10
Lucie, 6
John, 4
Joseph, 2
Josiphen (Josephine) 6 months

Commow Thomas, aged 29, NB., RC., French, labourer
wife Elizabeth aged 20, NB., RC., French
Joseph aged 2
John 6 months

In the 1881 Gloucester Census

Commow Enaus (Ignace) aged 73, Que., French, farmer
wife Margaret aged 74, NB, French
They have one widow by name of Mary Roy who is aged 30 and her child Mary who is aged 7, living with them. This is probably their daughter Mary who was listed as aged 25 in the 1871 census.

Commow Thomas, aged 41, Nb., French, labourer
Wife Elizabeth, aged 30, NB., French
Joseph 12
John 10
Alphonse 4
Michael 1
Mary 8
Georgeann 5

Commow Isador, aged 31, NB., French, labourer
wife Elizabeth, aged 28, NB, French
Mary 7
Gertrude 5
Angelick 2

Commow Diamu (Damien) aged 50, NB., Fre., farmer
wife Monick , aged 46, French, NB.,
Houston 40 (this guy was Usta in 1871 and aged 14, so he should be 24 not 40)
Mary 22
Dinnas 16 (this girl was Lucie in 1871)
John B 14
Joseph 12
Josephine 10
Alfred 8
Francis 6
Deamu 4
Elizabeth 2
there is also another family living with them by name of
Boulie (Boulay) Charles aged 32, fisherman, wife Philemon? aged 20 and child Ernest 8mo.