Philip Dumaresq Descendants

Philip Dumaresq Descendants

Here are some tidbits I have on the Dumaresq of Restigouche and Gloucester counties some taken from the "Miramichi Gleaner"


dated Dec. 1/1829
"Monday Nov. 23 a Public dinner was given to Marcus Scully, Esq., Deputy sur veyor and Deputy Commissioner of Crown lands by the magistrates and gentlemen of Bathurst at the London Hotel previous to his departure for Fredericton.... etc.. Perry Dumaresqs , Esq., officiated in the chair...."


Sept. 27/1831
Public Meeting ..
Convened by High Sheriff County of Gloucester on Nov. 14
William Carman high sheriff in the chair......
Motion by Perry Dumaresq, seconded by William End to have a report of the meetings published in the Gleaner and "Gazette Royale"


Feb 5/1833
Gloucester County:
Justices of the Common Pleas:
Perry Dumaresq, Robert Ferguson, John Montgomery, Dugald Stewart
Justices of peace:
Perry Dumaresq and Perry J.N. Dumaresq among others..

Mar. 4/1833
The Petition by Perry Dumaresq, Esq., and magistrates merchants and inhabitants of County of gloucester.
presented to the Hon. House of Ass. on Sat. Feb. 23/1833..... the proceeding of the Crown land Office: fair commercial competition is prevented, an unjust monopoly is established an evil system of favouritism is continued to be encouraged......
signed by 1352 inhabitants of Gloucester co.

At Rochville, county of Gloucester, on the 16th of April 1833, by Rev. McHerron, one
Perry J.N. Dumaresq Esq., to Delphine, youngest daughter of Joseph Arsenault all of that place

At Dalhousie NB on the 6th of Aug. 1833, by Rev. Somerville, one
Perry Dumaresq, Esq., lieutenant R.N. and subcollector of Her Majesty's customs , to Mary eldest daughter of Charles Stewart Esq., of Princetown, P.E.I.

Dec. 10/1833
Proposed Wesleyan Academy to be erected upon Maryland Hill, Fredericton..
Ten years old... languages... latin... greek... french.
To receive subscriptions: Rev. J.B. Strong(counties of Northumberland, Gloucester, Kent, Westmoreland, Kings)
Committee of Assistance:
Bathurst Benjamin Dawson, Esq., and Mr. W. Stephens
Restigouche: Perry Dumaresq, Esq.

Journals of Feb. 25
Mr Rankin presented a petition from Robert Ferguson and others at the head of the navigable waters of the Restigouche praying a new line of road to be explored and opened between Bathurst and Campbellton
Referred to committe of Roads:
Mr End presented a petition from Perry Dumaresq and others at Dalhousie praying no alteration be made in the present line of road between Bathurst and Restigouche

Oct. 25/1836
Oct. 12. The gentlemen of Campbellton gave a dinner to the Hon. A. E. Botsford H.M.'s legislative councillors at the Dalhousie Hotel, 40 gentlemen, magistrates, merchants, etc..
Perry Dumaresq, Esq., presided, assited by John Montgomery Esq., who acted as vice president...........

Dec. 20/1836
Public meeting at Dalhousie Hotel, Dec. 5,
to again petition for division of Gloucester County.
Chairman: Perry Dumaresq, Esq.,
Secretary: P.Couglan
Committtee: Hugh Montgomery, Donald Stewart, Robert Ritchie, James Paul, James McPherson
Petition to be presented through Peter Stewart, member for Gloucester

Jan. 31/1837
Journals of house of assembly Fredericton Jan. 14/1837
Mr Stewart presented a petition from Robert Ferguson and Perry Dumaresq
and 195 inhabitants of Restigouche..
for division of Gloucester co.
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