Sept. 8/2000, By George, wait a minute should this be By PAUL, I think I've got this one too :) See below

I have placed the names of the people I have been told were on it
at the bottom of this picture but if you should find
you recognize a grand parent or aunt or other
pls email me :)
Irene Doyle
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Thanks to Paul and Robert Marquis, I have now identified this graduation class picture as being that of 1925.
Paul sent me a copy of the 1925 Academic Course, Graduation Program, from the Campbellton High School or Grammar School as it was called. There is a list of all the grads and most of them match the list of names I had gotten so far below. I now have the total list but need to have them placed in order under the right person.

Here is the list of the names:

Mary Ellen Andrew
Mary Beatrice Byrnes
Marie Isobel Dorward
Walter Fergus Ferguson (President)
Tillie Goldenberg
Mary Hectorine Guidry
Ruth Lillian Hamilton
Edith Catherine Harquail
John Leeman Harold Jamieson
Susie Jean MacDonald
Mertell Louise MacKay (Secretary)
Edward John Alexander MacLean
Helen Irene Marquis
Vera Catherine Marquis
Mary margaret Murphy
Hazel Robertson
Lila Margaret Sansom
Winifred Matilda Sansom
Muriel Theresa Sears
Emma Albina Shannon
Christine Adams Taylor
Margaret Frances Ward
Bessie Adair Young

Commercial Course was

Mary Louise Boyle
Evelyn Dorothy Dobson
Edna Sibyl Hume
Evelyn Stella MacIntyre
George Parker MacMillan
Mildred Lillian Smith
Frank Douglas Steeves

Special Student

Marjorie Robena MacBeath

This is what I had prior to getting the list from Paul

Counting 3 rows total
First Row in front:
Left to Right: (1) Ruby Maisey (2) unknown (3)Mary Dorward
(4) H. Frank G. Bridges (school principal and teacher)
(5) Corinne Harquail (she also became a teacher)
(6) Harold Jamieson (7) Christie Taylor (8) unknown
Second Row:
Left to Right: (1) ?? Robinson (not sure) (2) Ann Mc Laughlin
(3) Winifred Sanson (4) unknown (5) Edward McLean
(6) unknown (7) unknown (8) unknown (9) unknown

Last row back:
(1) Walter (Peck) Ferguson (2) unknown (3) unknown
(4) ?? Young (5) unknown (6) unknown (7) unknown (8) unknown
(9) Raymond Martin (later became a teacher)

Special thanks to Cathy Garvin for sending me this picture
her husband is the grand son of Mary Dorward

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