The Island of Lameque used to be called "Grand Ile de Miscou"
Around 1755 we see it called "Ile Chipagan"

The village of Lameque brings us a different story
On maps in Cooney and W.F.Ganong and others
we see names such as "Petit" and "Great Nanibeque"
to describe the Bay of Lameque
and Petite Lameque
Then we find it named Amacque, Alemelc, Lamec, L'Amecque
and finally Lameque of today

The first settler of l'Ile Lameque is beleived to have been
Jean Baptiste Robichaud, born in 1751 in Acadie, P.E.I., deported
to England, then to France, where he married in 1773 an other
deported Acadian girl by name of Felicitee Cyr
He embarked on a ship of the Robin family who were then hiring
fisherman from Europe to come to this land to fish for them
Robichaud and other Acadians who had been deported
came to the Gaspe area with this ship.
Robichaud was in Bonaventure Quebec, until about 1790
It is then, he came and settled in Lameque and gave his name
to Village Robichaud

It is also beleived that the first settler of the Village
of Lameque was Jean Chrysostome Chiasson, who also came
from Prince Edward Island around 1802. He was married to
Anne Daigle. He was then joined by two of his cousins
Joseph and Louis Hache also of P.E.I.
An other of the first settlers was Luc Savoie
he was married to Antoinette Chiasson daughter of above
mentionned Jean Chrysostome. He was also the son of
Joseph and Isabelle Robichaud

Part of the Lameque parish is the little village
of Pointe Alexandre and the first settlers of that village
were French Canadian, not Acadians, by name of Pierre Duclos
and Michel Guignard
Other early settlers were Francois, Jacques and Jean Marie Duguay
Jean Mallet, Joseph Paulin and others