Gloucester County Militia
Gloucester County Militia, Eastern District, First Battalion of 1829
With their headquarters in Bathurst
Lieutenant Colonel: was Hon. J. Ferguson
Major: Christopher McManus
Captains:> James Paul, John Chalmers, Theophilus DesBrisay, James G. Dick, John Miller, John T. Carter, Samuel Miller, rufus C. Cole, Benjamin W. Weldon, Henry A. McCullough, James Buttimer
Lieutenants: Joseph Morrison, James Chalmers, Robert Hendry, James Hickson, Francis Meahan, William T. Baldwin, Kennedy F. Burns, Robert Armstrong
Ensigns: Samuel H. Napier, Albert T. Carter, Richard White, Gideon Duncan, John Moloughney, Richard Miller, Alexander R. Ferguson, John McLeod, Patrick Flannery, John Ferguson, Jr., John E. Baldwin, William T. Armstrong, Robert Ferguson Jr.,
Adjutant: Captain D. G. McLaughlin

Paymaster: Captain H. W. Baldwin

Quartermaster: John McKenna

Surgeon: William W. Gordon, M.D.

Gloucester County Militia, Eastern District, Second Battalion of 1829
With their headquarters in Caraquet
Lieutenant Colonel: John MacIntosh
Captains: Joseph Sewell, Robert Young, Pascal Landry, Matthew Parrot, Andrew d'Arcy, William Ferguson, John Young.
Lieutenants: James Kerr, Richard Dawson Jr., Docile Robichaud, Barnabie Sewell, Adam Sutherland, Juste Hache, W.J.Richey, Robert C. Caie, James G. Henry, James Campbell, Michael Reardon, Thomas Kerr, William Taylor, John Kerr, Alexander Campbell, David Ferguson.
Ensigns: William Drysdale, William Eddy, Sr., John MacIntosh, Francis Dumaresque, Richard Young, Valentine Gibbs.
Adjutant: Captain William A. MacIntosh
Quartermaster: John Richey
Surgeon: Alfred C. Smith, M.D.
County Militia promotions, July 12/1847
William Boyd and J. Ferguson became Captains
John Baird, William Deacon, Theophilus DesBrisay, John Woolner, Anthony Rainnie became Lieutenants
Albert Wood, Thomas Carman and John Miller Jr., became Ensigns
Promotions June 27/1848
To be Captains: William Taylor and John Kerr, James G.C. Blackhall and James Walsh
To be Lieutenants: William Nixon, James Kerr, Richard Dawson Jr., Richard Forbes, Paschal Landry, Stanislas Legere, John Lewis Blanchard, Charles Delagarde, Howard D. Frost, Docite Robichaud and James Scott.
To be Ensigns: Edward Nixon, William Kerr, William Eddy, Israel Farie, Stephen Doucette Jr., Eugene Landry, Tranquil Blanchard and Adam Sutherland.
Promotions 1850
To be Captain: Joseph Doucet and Christopher McManus and John Morrison
To be Lieutenants:Thomas H. Carman, John Miller Jr., John T. Carter and Charles J. Wolhaupter
To be Ensigns : John McKenna, George Smith, Horatio J. Lea, John O;Brien and Joseph Morrison
To be Paymaster: Matthew Carruthers
Fredericton June 27/1848, 2nd Battalion Gloucester Militia.
Lieut. William Taylor, Lieut. John Kerr, Lieut. James J.C.Blackhall, Lieut. James Walsh
William Nixon, James Kerr, Richard Dawson Jr., Richard Forbes, Pashcal Landry, Stanislaus Legere, John Lewis Blanchard, Charles DelaGarde, Howard Frost, Docite Robichaud, James Scott, Barnabie Sewell.
Edward Hixon, William Kerr, William Eddy Sr., Israel Theriault, Stephen Doucet Jr., Eugene Landry, Tranquil Blanchard, Adam Sutherland.
Thomas S. Baldwin
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