Petit Rocher
You will find Petit Rocher about 12 miles from Bathurst on the banks of the beautiful Baie des Chaleurs, Gloucester County, New Brunswick.
The first settlers of Petit Rocher, arrived around 1797 and they were

Pierre Laplante, Jean Boudreau and Charles Doucet


Pierre Laplante settled just to the South of the little brook the called "little brook by the church" or "Petit ruisseau de l'église" , Jean Boudreau settled a bit above the "brook" and Charles Doucet to the North of Pierre Laplante. Laplante was born in 1779 in Nicolet PQ., son of Joseph Laplante and Cecile Boudreau.

Joseph Laplante married Cecile Boudrot or Boudreau, 20/26 Feb 1781, at Nicolet.
Joseph (b. date not shown) was s/o Jean Baptiste Laplante & Marguerite
Lacotte, of Anglomeme, Angoumois, France Joseph had 4 sisters.

1. Marie Anne who married Jean Baptiste MARCOT Nov. 7/1774
2. M. Antoinette m. Francois CLOUTIER, 2 July 1783
3. Marguerite m. Jean-Baptiste DUMAS, 22 Oct. 1787
4. M.Josephte m. Francois DESHAIES 7 Jan. 1789.

Cecile Boudreau, born Oct. 21/1761 was d/o Athanase Boudreau & Felecite Orillon, of Acadia.

Athanase Boudreau, m. Felicite Orillon dit Champagne on May 7/1759 at Quebec city
Joseph Laplante married Marie Louise Coltret at Nicolet on Apr., 11/1758
Marie Louise Coltret, b. June 28/1731, d/o Pierre Coltret & Marie Louise Therrien (b. 1687) and grand daughter of Rene, store keeper for H.M. and Marguerite Gladu

Note: Marie Louise Coltret m. 1st, Ignace Daniau, 21 Sep 1750, Nicolet m. 2nd, Joseph Laplante, 11 Apr 1758 " **NOTE** Thanks to Paul B. Shaw and Norm Cazavant for the information on the Laplantes


Jean Boudreau was the son of Joseph Boudreau who was born in Beaubassin in 1738 and died in Nipisiguit (Bathurst) Dec. 8/1797 at the early age of 59. Jean's brother Cyprien Boudreau, born around 1780, came to Petit Rocher around 1805,

Joseph was the son of Anselme Boudreau and Marguerite Gaudet. He married Jeanne Marie Hache-Gallant daughter of Jacques Hache-Gallant and Josette Arsenault on Jan. 6/1761 in Ristigouche P.Q., Joseph was on Miscou Island in 1778

Anselme was the son of Michel Boudreau and Madeleine Cormier , born around 1706, married around 1725 to Marguerite Gaudet, daughter of Claude and Margeurite Belou

Michel Boudreau was son of Michel Boudreau and Michelle Aucoin , born 1660, married around 1690 to Madeleine Cormier daughter of Thomas and Madeleine Girouard

Michel Boudreau born 1601, married around 1642 to Michelle Aucoin. He was Lieutenant-Governor of Port Royal and judge there


Laurent Boudreau, son of Cyprien married Marie Anne Boudreau, daughter of Athanase Boudreau Pierre Laplante's father-in-law.. Laurent and Marie Anne had the following children, 1...Narcisse 2...Flavien 3...Flavie 4...Guillaume 5...Charles 6...Alexandre 7...Benoit 8...Jerome (school teacher) 9...Delima and 10...Bernard


Charles Doucet, was also acadian, Charles was the son of Michel Doucet and Marie Anne Boudreau. Most of the Doucet family settled in Petit Rocher except for Michel's brother, Pierre, or "Pierrot", he was born in 1752, he was on Miscou Island from 1776 to 1780, and died at Bathurst March 25/1827.. and he was from Beaubassin, Acadie.
According to Bona Arseneau, historian:
Michel Doucet was the son of Charles Doucet and Anne Arseneau (daughter of Francois and Marguerite Bernard) they married before a witness on Sept.12/1776 and marriage was rehabilitated in Bonaventure P. Quebec on Nov. 26/1779

Charles, was the son of Francois and Marie Poirier he married Anne Arseneau on Jan. 10/1746

Francois was son of Toussaint Doucet and Marie Caissy and he married Marie Poirier Nov. 20/1715 she was daughter of Michel dit de France and Marie Chiasson

Toussain Doucet dit Laverdure was son of Pierre Doucet and his second wife Heriette Pelletret, he married around 1690 , Marie Caissy daughter of Roger and Marie Poirier

Pierre Doucet dit Laverdure, born around 1621, macon by trade, son Germain Doucet dit Laverdure and ? Bourgeois

Germain Doucet dit Laverdure, born around 1595, came to Acadie around 1632, he was a Major for Governor Charles D'Aulnay.


Between 1800 and 1810, they were soon joined by a few other settlers such as:
Cyprien Boudreau and his wife Francoise Melanson, he was brother to Jean and he died in Petit Rocher on Oct. 10/1827, and they had the following children: 1...Sebastien 2... Laurent 3...Louis 4...Francoise 5...Marie 6...Rose 7...Marguerite 8...Judith 9...Felicite 10...Helene

Thimothé Boudreau and his wife Vénerande Doucet, he was Cyprien's brother

Francois-Xavier Boudreau his wife Henriette Roy he was Pierre Laplante's brother-in-law

Maxime Melanson and wife Marguerite Doucet joined him when they married, he is the ancestor to Monseigneur Arthur Melanson

Joseph Roy husband of Judith Boudreau

Jean Grant husband of Anne Thibeault

Benjamin Lejeune husband of Marie Doucet and his father Joseph Lejeune dit Briard who had married at Quebec in 1780 to Marie Messier.

Michel Frenette husband of Marie Degrace

Joseph Arsenault

Antoine Degrace husband of Fancoise Boudreau

Jean Baptiste Godin husband of Francoise Hache-Gallant, along with his father, Francois Godin (my ancestor), Francois had his five sons with him at the time, Jean Baptiste, Remi (my ancestor), Marin, Joseph and Sylvestre. When Francois passed away he left his land to his son Jean Baptiste who shared it with his brother Marin, his daughter Domithilde, Hubert Cormier and Narcisse Boudreau.

Godin genealogy and history can be found on my personal genealogy page at
Irene's Genealogy and Family Tree

The Comeau brothers Raphael, born May 7/1781, Isaac, born Jan.5/1788, and Charles, born June 18/1785 were also some of the founders of Petit Rocher all sons of Francois Comeau. Francois son of Ambroise et Marguerite Cormier was made prisonner in 1755, when he was about 12 years old. When he was about 18 years old, he learnt his parents were in Carleton (Tracadieche) P.Q., he deserted the English marines and came to Carleton, where he married on July 27, 1778 Marie Baudry daughter of Francois et Marguerite (Boiselle) Loisel
Francois and Marie had other children, 1... Celeste born July 25/1779 2... Julienne born May 02/1783, married Jan 23/1806 Isaac Ferlatte son of Jean Baptiste et Catherine Savoie 3... Marguerite born Dec. 4/1802 4...Rosalie born July 24/1790

The first registers kept by the Rockville church for Petit Rocher began in 1824. In 1828, Petit Rocher was served by the missionaries of Nipisiquit (Bathurst).

Robert Cooney when visiting Petit Rocher around 1830 states that there were only one house which had any paint on it that of Charles Comeau. The other 25 or so homes, had but a stove, and a few utensils and some cribs

But Petit Rocher prospered quite rapidly I guess as this is a picture of the School in 1888

If anyone has anything to add or finds any errors please contact me

IF any one has any corrections or additions to this part or the above
please send them to me. Most of my source for the above history was either
"A l'ombre du Petit Rocher", "Le Grand Shippegan", and other books here and there
that I took notes from and didnt write down the source at the time.
So I guess the information is there and you can fight with it and come to
your own conclusions.

This part was sent to me by Diane Pitre-Werner

The story about Francois Comeau during the deportation I though for many years that it was my ancestor that it was based on unfortunately I later learned that it was about his older brother Francois Comeau (l'aine) who was married to Marie Leblanc

You are right I believe as far as Francois Comeau and Marie Beaudry being the parents of Charles Comeau but the deportation story may have been about his older brother Francois Comeau l'aine (love this habit of our ancestors of naming two sons by the same name and all their daughters Marie)

This is my source

Among the first resident families of Carleton figured that of Ambroise Comeau, married to Marguerite Cormier. In 1765, this family had no more than two children: Francois dit le jeune and Agnes who later married Charles Allard; the others were married.

The first Comeau to arrive in Acadia about 1636 was called Pierre; he was married to Rose Bayols. We find in 1706 in PortRoyal a child named Ambroise, age 2 years, son of Pierre II dit l'Esturgeon and Jeanne Bourg. According to Placid Gaudet, it is the same Ambroise who went to live in Carleton. A daughter of Ambroise, Marguerite, was married in Port-Lajoie, Ile St-Jean, Jan 31 1757 to Michel Brun (Lebrun) and since one of the sisters of the bride, Marie, was witness to the marriage, it must be concluded that this family could not possibly be counted among the refugee families in Carleton in the autumn of 1755. This family fled Ile St-Jean during the dispersion of the island in 1758. The family of Ambroise does not figure in the census of Ile St-Jean by Laroque in 1752. Therefore, it must have arrived at the island after that date. Ambroise was the brother of Jeanne Comeau, wife of Pierre Thebeau, the fatherin-law of Rene Leblanc, the notary; this appears by the dispensation of the third or forth degree accorded to the marriage of Antoine Bourdages and Charlotte Bourg, in Bonaventure, Jan 7 1800. For other details, see the census of Carleton (1777). Father Camille, O.C.R., in his book A l'Ombre du Petit Rocher, page 11, wrote: "Arriving also in Petit-Rocher, the three brothers Raphael, Isaac and Charles Comeau, all three sons of the first marriage of Francois Comeau. The last, born in 1743 in the environs of Tintamarre (today Sackville), continued the tradition. He was 12 years old at the time of the deportation of the Acadians. One day, during the autumn of 1755, he went, in the company of a young Bourg, to search for cows in the forest. When he returned that evening to his village, he was amazed to find that the English troups had captured the inhabitants and were preparing to deport them. He immediately began searching for his parents, was taken prisoner by the soldiers and was brought to an English warship. Francois Comeau was at the taking of Quebec in 1760 and was wounded. Two years later, he was about 18 years, having learned that his parents lived in Carleton (Tracadieche), he deserted the English navy and fled, with much difficulty to Carleton, where he contracted marriage. of this first marriage were born three sons: Raphael, Isaac and Charles, who went eventually to colonize Petit-Rocher. Having gone to live, after the death of his wife, in Nipisiguit (today Bathurst), Francois Comeau married a second time to Isabelle Boudreau, widow of Michel Frenette, and of this union were born three sons: Ambroise, Joseph and Pierre; two daughters, one who married Charles Pitre, and the other, Tranquille to Charles Doucet. Francois Comeau died in the village of Bathurst in 1832 at the age of 89 years."

What can he made of this history of Francois Comeau? Father Camille concluded from the age mentioned at the death of Francois Comeau that he was born in 1743 and consequently was 12 years at the time of deportation. He does not place much faith in the age mentioned in the death record: most of the time in the recovered records, the ages were not exact. Ages on the census records taken while the persons were living were more reliable. The census of Carleton (1777) provides an exact record of the ages of the people. According to the census of Carleton, Francois Comeau was still a bachelor at that date at 27 years of age which makes him born around 1750 and he would not have been more than 5 years at the time of the deportation and 10 years in 1760; this was a little young to draft him into the English militia. It appears that there may have been confusion with his brother of the same name who was four years older. The family of Ambroise Comeau had landed in Ile St-Jean between 1752-1755. It is certain, however, that it was Francois Comeau dit le jeune, who emigrated from Carleton to Petit-Rocher about 1795. (Les Registres de la Gaspesie (1752-1860) by Ptre Patrice Gallant) Hope this is of some help (so far i find that genealogy is two steps forwards and one step backward) One of the ancestors I am having difficulty finding out about is Jean Lavigne married to Isabelle/Elizabeth Beaudry (sister of Marie) Their daughter Anastasie Lavigne married in Caraquet on the 19 sept. 1796 Sylvain Hache (son of Joseph and Madeleine Doucet) If you have any information on Jean Lavigne's parentage or dates of any kind, it would be of some help. Also Francois Beaudry & Madeleine Boissel (she was married twice before this marriage) are one of those enigmas. They were in Bonaventure after their daughter Isabelle was born (she was baptised in St-Thomas de Bellechasse near Quebec City on 12 nov. 1758) Have not been able to find the marriage registry of Francois Beaudry & Madeleine Boissel who according to Drouin have married in 1757 (probably based on the birth of their daughter as there is no place or date stated ) Drouin has Francois Beaudry as the son of Jean Beaudry & Louise Doyon. But Francois Beaudry is not listed in the Tanguay as being one of Jean & Louise Doyon's children) well until I find out otherwise and I am considering him to be Jean & Louise Doyon's son but will continue to investigate.(Louise Doyon is the great-great-grandaughter of Louis Hebert & Marie Rollet)

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