Following is information on the Sadler family of New Brunswick.

David Sadler b.

July 9, 1804 Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. d. June 7, 1885 Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada. Emigrated to New Brunswick - Spring 1824.

Settled in the Miramichi, Chatham Parish, Northumberland County. According to "Teachers Petitions and Licences", David was "induced to emigrate to New Brunswick in hopes of being useful as a Teacher of Youth". Taught school in Chatham and Glenelg approximately 12 years.

In 1838 was appointed Deputy Provincial Land Surveyor, Northumberland County. In 1849 appointed Deputy Provincial Land Surveyor, Restigouche County. Took up residence in Dalhousie.

His Miramichi surveys included the establishment of the boundaries of the Little Southwest Indian Reserve in 1836 and the laying out of settlers' lots in the 1840's on surrendered portions of the reserve.

The 1881 Restigouche County Census showed David was a Justice of the Peace.

David Sadler married Jane Barclay, Parish of Chatham, Northumberland County,January 5, 1826 by Samuel Bacon, Rector. Jane was born July 16, 1809. Died September 22, 1857. She was the daughter of William Barclay ofEdinburgh, Scotland. He came to the Miramichi, settled in Chatham Parish, Northumberland County. Many years a member of the Presbyterian Church of Nova Scotia, in Chatham. A land petition of William Barclay dated 1809 states "he is married" and "several years resident at Miramichi".

A land grant to William Barclay is dated July of 1811 and is located on Northesk Parish on the Little Sevogle River, 300 acres. It appears from land records William Barclay was in partnership with the Peabody's who were timber and lumber merchants at Chatham.

David and Jane had ten children:
1) Francis(Frank) b.March 2, 1827
2) Ann b. Nov. 30, 1830
3) Helen b. May 30, 1833
4) Jane b. Oct. 13, 1835
5) Margaret b. Aug. 26, 1838
6) John b. June 8, 1840
7) William b. Sept. 30, 1842
8) David Jr. b. Dec. 4, 1845
9) Robert b. May 15, 1848
10) Harriet Ann b. Aug. 25, 1850.

David and Jane and three of their children, David Jr., Jane and Harriet Ann are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Dalhousie.

Their daughter Helen Sadler married John Bennet. Daughter Margaret married Robert Moffatt of Dalhousie Nov. 20, 1876 St.John's United Church by Alexander Russell, Minister.

David Sadler Jr. married Elspeth Johnstone. He was a land surveyor like his father. Sadlers Brook on the Lower North Branch of the Little Southwest derives its name from him.

David S Sadler, grandson of David Sadler and son of David Sadler Jr. owned a dry-goods store on Water Street in Chatham. He was an Elder of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, served as Chairman of the Chatham Retail Merchants' Association, sat on the Chatham School Board and served as Treasurer of the Highland Society. John, a son of David S Sadler was killed in WW II while serving with the RCAF.

John Sadler, son of David Sadler and Jane Barclay was married to Agnes J Muirhead.

Francis (Frank) Sadler, eldest son of David Sadler and Jane Barclay, emigrated to New York between 1851 and 1853. He married Barbara Ann Wands. Barbara Ann Wands was born May 9, 1832 in Nelson. She was the daughter of James Wands of Nelson and Margaret McIntosh of New Castle. Both had emigrated to New Brunswick from Scotland. Teachers petitions and licensces indicate James Wands was a teacher
between 1828 and 1853.

David Sadler originally spelled the family Name Saddler. At some point during his life he changed the spelling to Sadler.

This is a summary of what I have so far. I still have more research to do. I only included information which I have been able to document or prove beyond a reasonable doubt. I also hope someone may read this information and assist me in learning even more about the New Brunswick
Sadlers. Thankyou.

Ted Sadler