MiramichiNov. 10/1834 Schooner MarineRobichaud Caraquet J.Cunard and co.
Shippegan June 22/1845brig Thomas Barten Holyhead
ShippeganJune 25/1845brig HopeSheridan Birkenhead
ShippeganJune 27/1845brig Ann Napier Birkenhead
Shippegan June 27/1845brig Vine Hunter Sunderland
Shippegan July 4/1845Ship Charles Humbertson Strettel Clyde
Shippegan July 4/1845brig Lady MaryAndrews Sunderland
ShippeganJuly 4/1845schooner Swift Miramichi
HalifaxMay 8/1844Schooner Waterloo for Shippegan and Dalhousie
ShippeganAug. 6/1843barque Bolton AbbeyMason Liverpool
ShippeganAug. 6/1843brig Alice Jane Stewart Sunderland
Bathurst Oct. 23/1834Schooner Marine Robichaud Caraquet J. Cunnard and co.
MiramichiNov. 10/1834 Schooner MarineRobichaud Caraquet J.Cunard and co.
ShippeganJune 3/1840 brig Harmony McLintock Irvine
ShippeganJune 18/1840brig Arethusa Mitchell Grangemouth
ShippeganJune 19/1840brig CurlewGauntlet Gloucester
ShippeganJuly 28/1840barque Ratcliffe London
Shippegan June 11/1841brig Ann Lang Peterhead
Shippegan June 18/1841brig Lumley Topcliff Sundeland
Shippegan July 7/1841brig Sea Bird Backhouse Sunderland
ShippeganSept. 17/1840brig Queen Victoria Wright Dundee
ShippeganJune 24/1843brig Salus Lamb Sunderland
ShippeganJuly 4/1843brig Cossack Lloyd Limerick
Shippegan July 4/1843barque New Eagle Lowes Falmouth
Shippegan Sept. 12/1843Ship Aurora Firth Liverpool
Shippegan May 13/1845barque Yucatan Humphrey Liverpool
Shippegan June 19/1846 Schooner Fairplay Degrace Miramichi.

ShippeganOct. 5/1846 barque Amelia Alexander Liverpool
ShippeganOct. 5/1846 Schooner Superb Bathurst
CaraquetJuly 27/1847 Muty Smith ballast New Carlisle
CaraquetJuly 28/1847 Primrose Daquet Quebec ballast and passengers
Shippegan May 19/1848 Schooner Seaflower for Paspebiac and Dalhousie
Shippegan May 30/1848 Sailing from Britain For Shippegan Jane Lockhart from Gibraltar.
Shippegan Ship Charles Saunders Simpson Cork
Shippegan June 8/1849 schooner I.L.A. Smollett Nfld Moore & Harding
Shippegan June 24/1849 schooner Marie Dolphine Glazier Nfld Moore & Harding
Shippegan July 11/1849 brigantine Parthian Cole Liverpool Moore & Harding
Shippegan July 18/1849 Schooner Brothers McKay St Peters Moore & Harding
Shippegan July 21/1849 schooner I.L.A. Smollett Nfld Moore & Harding
Shippegan July 25/1849 schooner Marie LeBouthilier PEI Moore & Harding
DalhousieJuly 26/1849 Schooner Industry Allard Pictou ballast
ShippeganSept. 14/1849 brigantine Tasket Stowe Corkdeals Moore & Harding
BathurstJuly 25/1850 schooner Radius Boston grindstones
BathurstJuly 29/1850schooner Garland Boston grindstones capt. Spearling.
Caraquet May 28/1851 schooner Sylph LandryDalhousie ballast.
CaraquetMay 29/1851 brigantine Farrago HubertNew Carlisle juniper & hemlock C.Robin & Co.
Caraquet June 2/1851 schooner Two Brothers Cormier Bathurst ballast.
Caraquet June 7/1851 schooner Sylph LeBuffe New Carlisle ballast.
Caraquet June 13/1851 schooner Mary Boutilier Quebec grindstone T.McNaughton
Caraquet June 18/1851 schooner Mary Quebec grindstones
Caraquet June 20/1851 schooner Two Brothers Quebecgrindstones
Caraquet June 20/1851 schooner Marie Alert New Carlisle ballast
Caraquet June 26/1851 barque NaparimaRae Fleetwood lumber A.Ritchie & Co.
Caraquet June 26/1851 schooner SophiaLandryHalifaxshingles and alewives T.Harding.
Caraquet July 4/1851 schooner St Roch Blais Quebecballast
Caraquet July 5/1851 schooner Vincent LeBrocq New Carlislehemlock timber C.Robin & Co.
Caraquet July 16/1851 schooner SquidBoudreauMagdalen Islandsballast
Caraquet July 16/1851 schooner Victoria Fournier Quebec herring & passengers.
BathurstMay 28/1852 schooner Sophia DeGrace PEI shingles W. Deacon
BathurstJune 2/1852 schooner WaterlooDeGrace P.E.I. Duncan McLaughlin
Shippegan Sept. 31/1852 schooner Sophia Robichaud PEI for oysters and thence to Quebec
Shippeganschooner Undaunted St Peters lumber
ShippeganNov. 29/1852 Brigantine CrapaudDeCarteretJersey fish W. Fruing & Co.,.
Shippegan Nov. 30/1852 barque Amelia Craig Corkfish and oil W. Fruing
ShippeganDec. 3/1852shooner Mary Ann Gleeson Halifax gaspereaux and ship knees J.H.Harding
ShippeganJuly 14/1853barque Perseverance Stevenson Liverpool timber and deals John H. Harding.
ShippeganJune 2/1854brigantine St BreladeFrancis Alexander Cadizdry fishFruing & Co.
ShippeganJune 15/1855brigantine St BreladeFrancis Alexander JerseydealsFruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 3/1855barque AmeliaJames Craig Corkdeals, codfish and cod oilWm. Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 14/1855ship SydenhamGeorge Squarry master LiverpooltimberJohn Whoolner shipper
ShippeganNov. 23/1855brigantine CrapaudJoseph AlexanderSpaindry codWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJune 11/1856brigantine FisherSergantRichibucto
ShippeganAug.18/1856schooner MargaretBushyHalifaxfish and shinglesWilliam Taylor
ShippeganAug.18/1856schooner MargaretBushyHalifaxWilliam Taylor
ShippeganMay 11/1857schooner SarahComptondry fishHalifaxWm. Taylor
ShippeganMay 19/1857schooner Hero of KarsFraser Bathurst
ShippeganMay 20/1857schooner AlexanderShellnutBathurstWest Indiaproduce
CaraquetMay 22/1857schooner MaryBoutillierGaspepotatoesC.Robin & Co
CaraquetJune 1/1857schooner MaryBoutillierNew Carlisle
CaraquetJune 4/1857brigantine TelegraphNew Carlislejuniper timber and kneesC.Robin & Co.
CaraquetJune 9/1857schooner MaryBoutillierShippegan
CaraquetJune 10/1857schooner AntLeMarquandNew Carlisledry cod fishC.Robin & Co.
ShippeganJune 11/1857brigantine St BreladeAlexanderoil and timberJerseyWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJune 23/1857schooner Sea FlowerPoulanpickled fishHalifaxWm. Taylor
ShippeganNov. 9/1857schooner AdmirationBatemanQuebec
ShippeganNov. 12/1857schooner Mary LucyDeGraceHalifaxdry and pickled fishWm Taylor
ShippeganNov. 12/1857brigantine St BreladeJ.AlexanderCadizdry fishWm. Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 12/1857ResolutionJerseydry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 21/1857brigantine JaneFrederick AlexanderJerseytimber oil and dry fish
ShippeganNov. 21/1857brigantine CrapaudGerveyCorkfishWm.Fruing & Co.
ShippeganMay 14/1858schooner Lucy MaryDelerainBathurst
ShippeganJune 8/1858brigantine St BreladeStracheyCorkdeals and dry fish
ShippeganJune 13/1858barque Alice JaneLeGrosdealsJerseyWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJuly 6/1858brigantine JaneJalisanoutimberLiverpoolWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganSept 21/1858schooner Anne MariaRussellSpaindry fishWm Fruing & Co.
Shippeganschooner Mary LucyDeGraceHalifaxdry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganOct. 27/1858brigantine St BreladeJ.Stracheydry fishCadizWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganOct. 27/1858brigantine JaneJ.Alexanderoil and timberGaspe and JerseyWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov.5/1858schooner John GilpinCurryHalifaxdry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganMay 21/1859schooner Lord MulgraveDarbyBathurst
ShippeganJune 9/1959schooner EllenCurryNewfoundlandshinglesThomas Hall
ShippeganJune 8/1859brigantine Ste BreladeJ. Stacylumber & dealsJerseyWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganSept. 17/1859schooner King of TyreCadizdry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganOct. 11/1859schooner Amelia AdelaideLeblancHalifaxdry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganOct. 18/1859schooner Olive BranchPoulanBathurstpickled and dry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganOct. 30/1859brigantine St BreladeStraceyCadizdry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 4/1859brigantine CrapaudGareyNaplesdry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 11/1859brigantine CornucopiaVoutierJerseydry fish and timberWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 11/1859schooner Lady SmithForgoHalifaxdry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganApril 27/1860schooner Mary LucyDeGracesalt, potatoesfishing voyage to Magdalen Isl.Wm Taylor
ShippeganApril 27/1860schooner Olive BranchPhairMiramichiWm. Taylor
ShippeganMay 18/1860 schooner Mary LucyDeGraceMiramichiWm Taylor
ShippeganJune 4/1860schooner SistersHamonGrand Ansegeneral cargoWm Fruing
ShippeganJune 6/1860schooner Evening StarCouillardCaraquetsalt & mdsWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJune 20/1860brigantine St BreladeStracheyJerseydealsWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJune 21/1860schooner Mary LucyDeGraceBoston herringWm Taylor
ShippeganJune 26/1860schooner SprayCampbellBostonherringWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJuly 23/1860brigantine NilsonBusheyBostonalewivesWm Taylor
ShippeganJuly 19/1860schooner Evening StarCouillardGrand Ansefor fisheriesWm Fruing & CO
ShippeganJuly 20/1860schooner SisterHamonSt Helierfor fisheriesWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganJuly 26/1860schooner BrillantCurreyBostonalewivesWm Taylor
ShippeganAug.7/1860brigantine SuttonTouzelJerseyjuniper timberBouthilier Brothers
ShippeganAug.13/1860schooner SeaflowerPoulanHalifaxalewivesJoseph Sewell
ShippeganAug 26/1860schooner VirginiaBernierQuebec
ShippeganSept. 12/1860brigantine LiviniaCozensJerseyjuniper timberLeBouthillier Bros.
ShippeganNov. 7/1860brigantine St ClairMorrisseyCaraquet & Quebecoysters and pickled fishWm Taylor
ShippeganNov. 10/1860brigantine JaneMariaJerseydry fishWm Fruing & Co
ShippeganNov. 19/1860brigantine CrapaudNeutinNaplesdry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 20/1860brigantine St BreladeStaceyJerseydry fishWm Fruing & Co.
ShippeganNov. 27/1860schoner Mary LucyDeGraceHalifaxdry fishWm Taylor
ShippeganAug. 12/1861schooner Mary Alertgarett masterNew Carlislebattens
ShippeganAug. 28/1861schooner AmandaDeGraceherring and alewivesHalifaxWm Taylor
ShippeganSept. 16/1861schooner Mary LucyDeGraceCaraquet and Montrealoysters and green fishJames Young & sons
ShippeganSept. 19/1861schooner CherubIagodry fishNaplesWm Fruing & co.

On Nov. 23/1855, brigantine Crapaud, leaving Shippegan had one passenger by name of Joshua Alexander.

These two tall ships are sailing on the Restigouche River in front of Campbellton the one in the back is at the coal shed where ships loaded and unloaded coals This is a picture taken before the fire of 1910

Dec. /1837, the ship Ann Hall, of St John bound for Liverpool is frozen in at Shippegan

Schooner Bay Chaleur of Bay Chaleur, noticed Oct. 3/1858, had been in difficulty for 8 days prior. One lone survivor Joseph Costa, a Frenchman, others have perished, including Captain Thomas Caldwell, brother to Mr Colweel of Bay Chaleur
Shippegan brig Magog Kenny, Ayr 36 days*note*
The Magog saw
a wreck off St Paul's
Shippegan John and Hanna Gibson Lewan 31 days
Sir Joseph Howe, Curry, for Bathurst, cut in two by ice, on May 2/1844, at the Gulf of Canso and sank in five fathoms of water Arrivals in Britain. From Shippigan: Dec. 11/1845, Louisa Liverpool  
QUEBEC: The schooner Hope, Robischeau, lying at Fraser & Co's wharf, will leave Chatham for Quebec, on Tuesday next (Sept. 26/1857) will take passengers and freight. Inquire of Robert Kent or Captain on board.  

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