Entered Port of Shippegan

Sept. 10/1845, Brigantine Friendship Morgan, Jersey, William & Fruing & Co.

June 20/1846, Brig, Herrings, Gibson, Dublin, 31 days. J.Cunard

June 6/1846, Schooner Fair Play, Degrace, Miramichi, 1 day, goods, J. Cunard & Co.,

June 19, Brigantine, Watermillock, Corner, Miramichi, 3 days, goods, J.Cunard & Co.

June 25/1846 Ship Daedalus, Nicholas, London, 28 days, J. Cunard & Co.

Aug. 17/1846, Bark Hydaspes, Lawson, Bathurst, 1 day, J. Cunard, & Co.,

Oct. 1/1846, Schooner, Superb, Hall, Halifax, 7 days, J. Cunard

Oct. 1/1846, Ship Daedalus, Nicholas, Padstow, 32 days, J. Cunard

Oct. 3/1846 Barque Pakenham, Bathurst, 7 hours, J. Cunard & Co.

Oct. 5/1846, Schooner Bee, Woodin, P.E.I. 3 days.

May 13/1848, Schooner Seaflower, Largin, halifax, 5 days, general cargo, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 15/1848, Brigantine Crapaud, Alexander, Jersey, 42 days, general cargo, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 19/1848 Barque John Craig, Walten, London, 47 days, coals to Moore & Harding.

June 9/1848, Ship Charles Saunders, Hull, 24 days, J. Cunard.

Aug. 24/1848, Barque Express, Richardson, London, 58 days, assignees J.Cunard.

Oct. 2/1848, Ship William Penn, Oliver, Halifax, 6 days.

May 31/1849, Schooner I.L.A. smollett, New Carlisle, Moore & Harding

June 16/1849, schooner Marie Dolphine, Glazier, Bathurst, Moore & Harding

June 22/1849, brigantine Parthian, Cole, Sunderland, Moore & Harding

July 9/1849, schooner Brothers, McKay, P.E.I. Moore & Harding

July 12/1849, schooner I.L.A. Smollett, Newfoundland, Moore & Harding

July 23/1849, schooner Mary, Lebouthilier, Caraquet, Moore & Harding

July 30/1849, Barque Perseverance, Boston, Moore & Harding

Aug. 2/1849, Parthian, Liverpool.

Arrival from Great Britain, from Shippegan Aug.19/1849, Queen, deal.

Arrivals in Britain, From Shippegan, Aug. 19/1849, Queen, deals.

May 6/1851, barque Amelia , Craig, Cadiz, salt, Wm Fruing

May 8/1851, brigantine St. Brelade, Alexandre, Jersey, general cargo, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 17/1851, brigantine Farrago, Hubert, Jersey, general cargo, C.Robin & Co.

May 19/1851, Schooner, Victoria, Furnier, Quebec, flour & pork, J.H.Harding

May 26/1851, schooner Waterloo, Degrace, Shediac, dry goods and mill machinery, J.H.Harding.

May 26/1851, Schooner Curlew, Eisan, Halifax, West India, produce, J.H.Harding.

Oct. 22/1851, American barque Nimrod, Robinson, Newport, deals.

Oct. 23/1851, Ship Elizabeth Bentley, Robinson, Liverpool, deals.

Oct. 23/1852, barque Amelia, Craig, Liverpool, Fruing & Co.

May 26/1853, barque Amelia, Craig, 42 days, from Jersey, general cargo, William Fruing & Co.,

May 21/1854, brigantine St Brelade, Frederick Alexander master, from Jersey, after a tedious passsage of forty days of that period he was 21 days on the ice.

June 18/1855, Brigantine Crapaud, George Alexander, salt, merchandise & ship material from Jersey, 34 days, Wm. Fruing & Co.

June 4/1856, brigantine Fisher, of Workington, Liverpool, Sergant , 47 days, salt, coal and merchandise, Wm Fruing & Co.

June 10/1856, brigantine St Brelade, Alexander , New York, 12 days, flour, meal, etc., Wm Fruing & Co..

Aug. 11/1856, schooner Margaret, Bushy, Miramichi, William Taylor

Aug. 18/1856, schooner Seaflower, Poulain, William Taylor

Aug. 25/1856, schooner Olive Branch, Harding, P.E.I. fish and oil, William Taylor.

Aug. 27/1856, schooner Alexander, Shellnut, Halifax, West Indian produce, William Taylor.

Aug. 27/1856, schooner Mary Jane, Terrio, Halifax, pork and flour, William Taylor.

May 9/1857, schooner Sarah, Compton, Charlottetown, P.E.I., Wm. Taylor

May 18/1857, schooner Hero of Kars, Fraser, Halifax, Wm. Fruing

May 20/1857, schooner Alexander, Shellnut, Halifax, West India, produce & dry goods, William Taylor

May 22/1857, brigantine St Brelade, Alexander, Jersey, general cargo, William Fruing & Co.,

June 1857, britantine Crapaud, Guvey, Liverpool, general cargo, Wm Fruing

June 23/1857, brigantine Monte Christy, Bateman, St Peters

Nov. 6/1857, brigantine Resolution, Cadiz, salt, Wm. Fruing & Co.

Nov. 7/1857, schooner Admiration, Quebec, general cargo, Wm Fruing & Co

Nov. 9/1857, schooner Mary Lucy, Delman, Boston, W.Bateman

May 11/1858, schooner Lucy Mary, Delerrain, Halifax, general cargo, Wm Taylor and others

May 14/1858, brigantine St Brelade, Gervey master, Jersey, general cargo, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 14/1858, brigantine Crapaud, Liverpool, salt and merchandise, Wm Fruing & Co.

June 8/1858, barque Alice Jane, LeGros, Jersey, Cadiz

June 15/1858, brigantine Jane, Alexander, Rio Janeiro, Wm Fruing & Co.

July 1/1858, schooner Mary Lucy, Degrace, St Peters

Sept. 1/1858, schooner Anne Maria, Russel, Liverpool, salt, Wm Fruing & Co.

Sept. 1/1858, schooner Mary Lucy, DeGrace, Halifax, West India, produce, Wm Fruing & Co.

Sept. 14/1858, brigantine St Brelade, strachy, Cork, Wm Fruing

May 17/1859, brigantine St Brelade, J. Strachey, Jersey, salt and Merchandise, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 20/1859, schooner Mulgrave, Darby , Halifax, West India, produce and merchandise, Wm Taylor.

June 11/1859, schooner New Messenger, Siteman, Halifax, West India, produce, Wm Taylor & others

June 15/1859, schooner Mary Lucy, Lange DeGrace, St Peters

Aug. 17/1859, schooner Seaflower, Poulan, Halifax, West India produce, Wm. Taylor & others

Aug. 19/1859, brigantine Crapaud, Philip Gavey, Dacix, salt, Wm Fruing & Co.

Aug. 19/1859, schooner King of Tyre, Jas. Apter, Liverpool, salt and mds, Wm Fruing & Co.

Aug. 29/1959, brigantine St Brelade, Stracey, sald, Jersey, Wm Fruing & Co.

Sept. 7/1859, schooner Mary Lucy, DeGrace, Boston.

Oct. 2/1859, schooner Amelia Adelaide, Leblanc, Miramichi, salt, Wm Taylor

Nov. 3/1859, schooner Lady Smith, Forgo, Halifax, West India produce, Wm Taylor

Dec. 1/1859, schooner Mary Lucy, Degrace, halifax, West India produce, Wm Taylor & others, she had considerable cargo on board for Bathurst but was obliged to land at this port in consequence of the harbour freezing up.

May 11/1860, schooner Mary Lucy, DeGrace, Magdalen Island, herring, Wm Taylor

May 14/1860, brigantine Crapaud, Votier, Jersey, salt and mds, Wm Fruing & Co.

May 21/1860, schooner Diligence, O'Brien, Halifax, West India produce and mds, Wm Taylor

May 21/1860, schooner Ellen, Curry, Halifax, West India produce and mds, Joseph Sewell

June 7/1860, brigantine St Brelade, Strachey, Cadiz, salt, Wm Fruing & Co.

June 22/1860, schooner Spray, Campbell, Bathurst, Wm Fruing

June 23/1860, schooner Olive Branch, Phair, Miramichi, salt, Wm Taylor

July 13/1860, brigantine Nilson, Bushey, Miramichi, Wm Taylor

July 16/1860, schooner Brillant, Currie, Miramichi, salt, Wm Taylor

July 21/1860, schooner Evening Star, Couillard, Bathurst, lumber,Wm Fruing & Co.

July 25/1860, brigantine Sutton, Touzel, Paspebiac, salt, Joseph Sewell

Aug. 7/1860, schooner Seaflower, Poulan, Caraquet, Joseph Sewell

Aug. 8/1860, schooner Mary Lucy, Degrace, Boston, molasses, Wm Fruing & Co.

Aug. 16/1860, brigantine Mary Hillard, Rowe, Cadiz, salt, Wm Fruing & Co.

Aug. 24/1860, schooner Virginia, Bernier, Quebec, flour, Wm Fruing & Co.

Sept. 3/1860, brigantine Lavinia, Cozens, Paspebiac, C.E.Suede and Sutherland

Sept. 11/1860, brigantine St Brelade, Strachey, Jersey, salt and mds, Wm Fruing & Co.

Oct. 26/1860, brigantine Jane Maria, Liverpool and Halifax, merchandise and West India produce

Nov. 5/1860, brigantine St Clair, Morrissey, Miramichi, Wm Taylor

Nov. 26/1860, schooner Mary Lucy, DeGrace,Miramichi

Aug. 10/1861, schooner Amanda, Peter DeGrace master, Jacquet River

Aug. 12/1861, schooner Mary Alert, Garret master, Quebec, flour, Wm Fruing & Co.

Aug. 19/1861, brigantine St Brelade, Starchey master, Jersey, salt & mds, Fruing & Co.

Sept. 5/1861, schooner Mary Lucy, DeGrace, Restigouche

Sept. 7/1861, schooner Julie, LeBlanc, Miramichi, salt, Wm Taylor

Entered Port of Caraquet

July 26th/1847, Muty, Smith, Halifax, molasses, C.Robin & Co.

July 27/1847, Eliza Liddel, Clark, Sligo, 128 passengers, J.Cunard, & Co.

July 28/1847, Primrose, Daquet, Pictou, coals, J.Cunard.

May 17/1851, brigantine Farrago, Hubert, Jersey, general cargo, C.Robin & Co.

June 5/1851, barque, Naparima, Rae, Dalhousie, A.Ritchie, Co.

June 7/1851, schooner Sylph, LeBuffe, PEI, molasses, J.Meahan.

June 14/1851, schooner Two Brothers, Cormier, Bathurst, salt, J. Meahan.

June 18/1851, schooner Magdalen, Barthe, Halifax, merchantise master.

June 19/1851, schooner Marie Alert, Smith, Halifax, general cargo, C.Robin & Co.,

June 30/1851, schooner Sophia, Landry, Richibucto, salt, J. Meahan.

July 2/1851, schooner Vincent, Lebrocq, New Carlisle, ballast, C.Robin & Co..

July 4/1851, schoner St Roch, Blais, Halifax, salt, Meahan.

July 12/1851, schooner Victoria, Fournier, Quebec, general cargo, B. Trudel.

July 16/1851, schooner Squid, Boudreau, Magdalen Islands, general cargo.

July 17/1851, schooner Mary, Boutilier, Quebec, general cargo, C.Robin.

May 18/1857, brigantine Telegraph, LeBrocq, Jersey, general cargo, Charles Robin & Co.

May 30/1857, schooner Mary, Boutillier, New Carlisle, salt, Charles Robin & Co.

June 3/1857, schooner St Vallier, Danglade, Quebec, flour-meal-and dry goods, G. Taylor.

June 4/1857, schooner Mary, Boutillier, New Carlisle, general cargo, C.Robin & Co.

June 9/1857, schooner Two Brothers, Albert, Richibucto, master

June 9/1857, schooner Ant, LeMarquand, Gaspe, C. Robin & Co.

Port of Bathurst, June 1/1852, schooner Waterloo, DeGrace, Shippegan, ballast, Duncan McLaughlin.

Port of Bathurst, May 26/1852, schooner Sophia, DeGrace, Shippegan, ballast, W. Deacon.

Port of Dalhousie, June 19/1852, brigantine Bowes, Brading, Boston, ballast, Ritchie & Co.

Port of Dalhousie, June 13/1852, barque Lord Byron, Duncan , New York, ballast, W.Hamilton.